Leaving the Inn–(for Zac, but really for me!)


Recently, Zac lost his job as an innkeeper.  I have felt his pain in a corner of my heart as he has said goodbye to friends and associates who have become like family. I have been moved by something deep inside, as he has said farewell to his beloved mountain where he has spent so many, many hours. He knows every ridge, every run and every rock that needs to be jumped off of.  I have found myself wiping away a tear both for him, and for myself, as I also experience some of my own moving on and letting go. Because for both of us the reality of life is that inns are never places we are meant to stay in long term. Inns are stops along the way in this journey we call life.


There are many kinds of inns. There are inns we go to as families ready for fun and excitement, swimming pools and ski slopes.  Some inns we arrive at “battered and bruised” like the man left by the Good Samaritan to be cared for and nursed back to health. Some inns, like in one of my favorite movies, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, are places to hear stories and partake of a good meal. And in other Inns, we share our stories, with fellow pilgrim like in Canterbury Tales. Some, like in the movie Groundhog Day, we may find impossible to leave until we have a change of heart. Whatever purpose they serve for us in life, they are always places of impermanence. They are a stopping place, a wayside, but never a destination. And sometimes we have to be “pushed’ out, so that we can continue our journey.


Some inns we may be able to return to and experience in new ways.  Some inns we only go to one time, never to return. Some we stay at for a long time and some for only a night. At some we may make life long friends and at others we may not meet a single person.  Some we may enjoy a long and delicious meal while at others we are lucky if we get a continental breakfast. Some inns are plush and elegant. Others are sparse and bare. And some like one we stayed at in Paris may be charming and European on the inside while being located next door to a porn shop!


Life is always more about the journey than the temporary places we find ourselves a long the way.  Zac is looking forward with excitement to the next phase of his life and I am feeling healed and mended and ready to pack my bags and move on to new adventures.  This blog has been a healing place for me on my journey, but therapy, vacations and most employment should never last forever. There are simply too many roads to follow and too many paths to explore to spend too much time on the wayside. Hopefully, in the future I will come back here….and Zac will return to his beloved Solitude, but we will be new people with new and fresh stories to tell of other mountains we have climbed and other slopes we have “shredded.” And until then, hopefully someone leaves the light on!


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3 Responses to Leaving the Inn–(for Zac, but really for me!)

  1. Sheri says:

    In that case, I hope you take many vacations so you will find reasons to come through “here” every now and again. I am inspired by the way you write and the insight you so beautifully share…and I will miss it.

  2. sullivanh says:

    I hope you will keep writing. You have a gift. I love you.

  3. Cathy G. says:

    I hope you keep us “posted” in some way of where you are going and what you are doing! I wish only the best for you and Zac!

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