A Nana’s Blessing

Holding and rocking little Charlotte this past month, I find myself kissing her soft head and whispering blessings in her ear. There is something unique about a  daughter or granddaughter that makes you want to pass on all you have learned. Like Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, the matronly fairies in Sleeping Beauty, I feel not only like blessing my own little “Aurora” with beauty, song and protection from the Maleficents in her life, but also with a myriad of other things.  Taking her in my arms, in her beautiful blessing dress, made to match her mother’s wedding dress—it was impossible not to “bless” her and also my own grown daughters with all I hold dear.

A Nana’s Blessing

Dear Charlotte, as I rock you in my arms, I whisper in your ear, a blessing from a Nana who loves you dearly and prays daily for your health and strength and safety. You were born into a loving family and a long line of good, strong, independent women whose hopes and dreams you continue to carry in your heart. I hope you can come to know them throughout your life.

Like so many of your grandmothers before you, you were born into the majesty of the mountains. May they always inspire you to look upward, climb to new heights and feel secure in their strength.  I hope that you can always stand in awe at their beauty and rejoice in the spirit you will feel as you commune with nature, as you hike and bike and ski and run the trails that so many of us have already passed over and I hope that you too will blaze new paths of your own. However, never let mountains encircle you so tight that you forget that you also have wings to fly over the top of their peaks and experience the broad world beyond. May your eyes “see” a higher power in all things, in the opening of a rose, the society of a honeybee, the thrill of a falling star or the splendor of a sunset.

I bless you that, like my mother and grandmother, you will always have a desire for learning and a love of good books. In whatever form they may be packaged in the future, always keep one near you. Devour them when you must. And don’t let the cares and busyness of life leave you wanting when there is always an abundance of wisdom to be found within the pages of a book. Gather manna daily!  Never let your knowing keep you from learning or your finding keep you from seeking or being filled keep you from hungering.

I bless you with a kind and gentle heart, just like your mother’s. Always keep your circle open to those who may find themselves on the outside. Realize that there are two powers granted to us in this life-the power to cause fear and the power to love. Let the power of love guide you in all you do. Always know that God is love— this is the ground and foundation of our being.

I hope you will “dream big dreams” and follow your heart where it leads you. May you become the woman that you are meant to be and share the gifts that are uniquely yours with those around you. Seek out these gifts and when you find them fiercely protect them and guard them from those who may try to steal them away. Always use them to spread joy and to be a force for good in this world.

I hope that you will find strength and love and comfort in the lives of the Nanas who have gone before you. May you have a little of the Southern graciousness and hospitality of Anna and feel of her unconditional love. May you have enough of the rebelliousness of Bernice that you will always stand against injustice and intolerance. I hope you will have some of Barbara’s zest for adventure and travel and her love of nature, the red rocks of the desert and kindness towards animals. I hope that you will know of Suzanne’s love of her family and her “all for one, one for all” philosophy in helping others in times of need. I hope you have Laura’s Northern California openness. I hope you have Vivienne’s gift for music and your Grandma Tiede’s gentleness and beautiful smile. From me, I hope I can pass on my love of family, my quest for truth, my appreciation for art and beauty, my courage to speak out and my desire to leave this world a little better because I was here.

These are the blessings I hope for you my dear, sweet Charlotte, for my daughters Heather, Jessica and Katelyn and even for myself!

My Grandma Bernie and me-1960

Grandma Tiede and Charlotte
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5 Responses to A Nana’s Blessing

  1. Steve says:

    Amen! What blessings are all the girls in my life!!!

  2. sullivanh says:

    Beautiful! We will save this for Charlotte. Love you!

  3. SuzanneDown says:

    What a beautiful blessing for a beautiful baby girl!

  4. jessica says:

    So Sweet. I really like the paragraph about the mountains. You should give your fairy gifts to all future granddaughters.

  5. Cathy says:

    Beautiful words for a beautiful girl from an amazing Nana!

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