Questions and Answers

Walking home from the physical education building after helping a group of young adults train for Special Olympics, I look up at the sky and ask, “Why?” Why, here at an institute of higher learning, am I physically fit, my mind active and expanding, why do others need to struggle so?

Traveling on a road in Galilee, disciples ask the Master, “Why was this man born blind?”

Exhausted and exhilarated after giving birth to my first son, my eyes fill with tears as I plead for answers. “What’s an anomaly? How does a child get Down Syndrome? What am I supposed to do next? Why him? Why me?”

Passing by the bathroom, I see two brothers, grown men now, their faces covered in shaving cream, laughing; joking; flexing their muscles in front of the mirror. The younger helping the older. Love overcoming all boundaries. I smile. All of my questions have been answered!

I have loved the freedom and constraints offered by 150 words! Here are a couple more from friends.

Carolyn–a dear friend who sits by my side each Sunday sharing her wisdom and smile writes:

My story is one of Joy in the world around me and of faith – mostly faith in other people, and that ultimately good will win. Small town girl escaping to a super university and discovering that there were others with major capabilities, dwarfing mine, and a whole new world to explore. Bolstered with high ideals and strong values, and extremely fortunate to meet a young man with a similar background, I embarked on creating a family and a home for them. To me a home is a refuge, and I’ve also enjoyed offering that on occasion to others. My goal is to be a warm and caring person, one to lift up others and let them know someone cares. I’ve yet to discover my purpose in life, and find myself discouraged at the constraints circumstances seem to have imposed, but I work at being joyful and moving forward in faith.

My sister, Cheryl, always one to take on a new challenge or adventure or meet a new person writes:

I ask the students I tutor, “What is a product?” It’s the answer you get when you multiply. I am a product — of all I have done multiplied by all those whose paths I have crossed. My life goals include meeting everyone and going everywhere. I am who I am partly because of my elementary classmates in Kentucky multiplied by my friend Angela in Arizona. The beauty of a bay in Puerto Rico multiplied by the friends I was with on that cruise formed me. The teenage students on a bus in Wales and amazing past roommates are factors in my life. Divorced parents, Korea, adoption, Tennessee, special needs daughter, creative son, Colorado, coworkers at a clothing store, Mexico, widowed neighbors — the factor list is innumerable. I am a product, and fortunately, a product is bigger than the numbers you started with.

My comment board is open 24/7 if anyone else has the urge to tell their story in 150 words!

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6 Responses to Questions and Answers

  1. trevor says:

    I wrote this on the condition that you don’t mention it publicly on facebook. love your last post

    Sometimes it really is about the destination. When thinking about the pacific coast, you aren’t meant to be enjoying the vast desert of Nevada. If life is a journey, then surely it is the opposite. Retirement, Heaven, perfect happiness, enlightenment… these are all noble goals sure, but can also lead to stinginess, hard-headedness, a closed mind, and wasted life. Its hard to describe what has made me “me” because I try to remain ever changing and ever growing. I am. I enjoy being. I want others to do the same. I want to blaze paths for others to walk, as I have walked on the sure paths that have been blazed for me. The current most important form of evolution is not of organic reproduction but of evolution of the mind, my most adaptable tool. Questions can be more important than answers. Live, love, and let live. Go Broncos 2012-13

  2. colleendown says:

    Thank you, thank you–I won’t mention to anyone that it is here, but hopefully my few faithful readers will find it and realize what a multi-talented guy you are. I love your thoughts–“I enjoy being” that is perfect!

    • Ruth says:

      He who must not be named says it beautifully. It’s men like him that will improve the world and give us all hope! Thank you for sharing. Go Chargers!

  3. Cathy G. says:

    I assume the first story is yours?! I love it! Thanks for the challenge and for sharing all the stories you have received!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I love how these posts are teaching me a lot about people I’ve known for a long time. Thanks for sharing so many of them.

  5. sullivanh says:

    These are amazing. I love the depth that this minimalist approach reveals. I am still working on mine.

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