This is my story….

This is a DIY blog for all my readers, so humor me and play along…please.  Because, I can guarantee, even without the help of Reader’s Digest that I am closer to nuts than normal. Anyway, while perusing the March Digest and pondering on its deep and relevant messages about grizzly bear attacks and con men–intersperced with reminders of my impending incontinence, high cholesterol and constipation, I came across a great idea. Readers Digest had previously had a contest where they ask people to tell their story in 150 words. They had over 6000 entries. It is amazing what stories can be told in 150 words, which is basically a paragraph.  These stories were so touching (and can be read here or in your bathroom). Reading them made me want to hear my friends stories–in a paragraph. In this day of Twitter and Facebook posts, I realize that 150 words is an entire novel, but I think it can still be done.

So here is the challenge. Write your story and post it to your blog and then post a link here in the comment section. If you don’t have a blog then just post the whole thing in my comment section or email me a copy or post it to my FaceBook page or send it to Readers Digest. Just Do It!  Do it before Spring arrives….all authors have deadlines. I will post my own in a couple days. This is not a contest, unless it is really, really good then I will send you my last box of Girl Scout cookies. Did I say that 150 words is hardly anything…I know that I have written notes to teachers explaining my kids tardiness that have been longer than that! I can’t wait to hear your story dear readers!

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4 Responses to This is my story….

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’ll take the bait. I’ll do my best to get it done quickly. It will be fun to read what you get.

  2. Cathy G. says:

    I read those and it was amazing what can be said in 150 words. I will have to seriously edit because I always use way too many words!

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