Joy in a “Peace” of Chocolate!

Having my son, Andy, riding shotgun through life with me has provided many lessons that I might not otherwise have learned, one of these has been that joy often comes in small packages. Right now, we are in our “York Peppermint Patty” stage. Whenever we go to the store, Andy wants a “York,” in his words, “it makes me happy.” Sometimes, we even make a special trip for one peppermint patty (and a Coke Zero)! One piece of candy will make his day, a chocolate that ironically comes in a package of “one.” I have learned that a trip to the grocery store is as much of an excursion for Andy as a trip to San Fran is for me. An hour on the swing is like an amusement park and a new song on ITunes can put a smile on his face as much as an entire concert.  I am a “slow learner,” but with Andy by my side as my teacher, I am coming to understand that joy is found in the many small moments throughout the day that simply have to be acknowledged and appreciated. I am learning to capture the magic of the scent of a single rose, the  flutter of a butterfly, the small hand of a grandchild,  the burning red of my neighbor’s maple trees and a single poem that captures the wisdom of an entire book. Fortunately for me, we move at a slightly slower pace around here. In twenty seven years, I have never been able to get across the concept of “hurry” to Andy…it simply does not compute in his mind….and generally speaking, I am a happier person because of it!

What is your Peppermint Patty delight of the day? Please share!

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8 Responses to Joy in a “Peace” of Chocolate!

  1. What a great idea! I too am glad for my york experiences. My favorites are having my grandson fall asleep in my arms and having my grown kids give me a hug so hard it takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. Jessica Gregory says:

    Besides this post being my peppermint patty (your blog always puts a big smile on my face;) I would say James falling asleep on my shoulder would be the sweetest part of my day. I miss Andy’s life lessons a lot so thanks for passing one my way. XOXO

  3. chelsea says:

    My york moment is seeing my kids smile and listening to them laugh, I am also quite fortunate to work with people who see joy in milestones such as being able to have the confidence to shower. It puts things in perspective and makes me realize there is joy in small things. The psychiatrist I was working with last night was speaking with a patient and in the most kind and gentle voice he told her no matter how deep and everlasting her depression was she was worthy of looking at her self in the mirror and recognizing the beauty he was so clearly able to see…
    thank your for sharing xoxox

  4. sullivanh says:

    Quiet at 6am is my little luxury moment.

  5. Alison Moon says:

    One of my peppermint patty moments is when my five month old grandson, Jessie, recognizes me out of everyone in the room, besides his parents, of course. He smiles and laughs with me and we converse spirit to spirit with giggles, smiles and touch. I love what his spirit communicates to me about unconditional love and about being fearless and being in awe of everything!What a joyous gift…thank you Jessie!

  6. Cathy says:

    Maybe I could live with Andy for a while! I can’t think of any one peppermint patty moment, but I know that there are days when the little things make me really happy. I will make it a goal to notice more what those little things are!

  7. ColleenDown says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone–it looks like the babies are the keys to our hearts! And Heather, I am totally with you on the 6 a.m. although around here it has become 5:45–I sometimes think “the morning star” arises just for me! (By the way, I am not up and at it then, just laying in bed enjoying the peace:-)

  8. Carolyn Chase says:

    Profound, as always.

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