The Thrill of Victory!

So I guess, technically I am a “Mommy Blogger” even though I can‘t remember when the last time, if ever, my children called me Mommy.  It has always been Mooom, with the emphasis on dragging out the O’s. So as a “Mommy Blogger,” occasionally I must use this forum to write about my wonderful children and the cute—and amazing things they accomplish.  This blog is about my boys, Zac and Trevor, and the life lesson that they taught me this week.

To make a long story short, short enough to blog…We had a broken pipe on the main water line to the cabin. Over the summer, a pond had formed in the front yard which had to be dealt with by someone. In our hectic and crazy lives, this meant the someone was the boys. As this wasn’t the first time this happened, Zac, Karsten and Trev enthusiastically headed to the cabin armed with bulldozers, shovels and a blowtorch  for a little Tonka time. (Time passes) After digging up the pipe and putting in a new one, there continued to be a small, sometime large leak, in the pipe that could not be sealed. More soldering, more pipe, more fittings, more frustration. In between working full-time and in Trevor’s case, two jobs and school, the boys kept going back, trying new things and every time the water was turned on—still leaking. Eventually, we called “the professionals” –Ha Ha—they didn’t know what to do except bill us! Grandma and Grandpa came to stay at the cabin, rubber tubing from an old bike and metal clamps held the pipe long enough for them to vacation a few days, but certainly not for a long winters nap. Each night, I watched the news, “please don’t let it freeze in the mountains yet!” As Zac told Grandpa, “Now it has become personal!”

Meanwhile, down here in the valley I would talk to Zac and sense his frustration as nothing seemed to be able to fix the problem. One day, near tears, I said to Steve,” I just don’t know what we are going to do about the pipe.” He said, “Colleen, some problems in life are just very hard to solve, Zac knows what he is doing, he will figure it out.” So, once again Zac and Trevor grabbed my VISA card and went to conquer. But this time they spent time with the professionals at Standard Plumbing explaining the problem. This led Zac to learning some new, very high heat 1400 degree, welding skills. This led to Trevor masterminding the fittings, this led to many, many more hours in the hole, surrounded my mirrors so they could see all angles of the pipe at all times, this led to a lot of YouTube time learning how to “braise”—not the kind you do to a steak. Anyway, it led to the phone call. I knew from the first “Hi, Mom—that the problem had been solved—the joy in Zac’s voice, the relief, the sense of accomplishment after nearly a month of trying everything, there was total happiness on the other end of the line.

So why am I blogging this rather mundane story? Because, I just keep thinking that in my own life I have several of my own “leaking pipes” that I am tempted to simply give up on. I woke up this morning with Steve’s voice ringing in my ears, “Colleen, some problems in life are just very hard to solve, you can do it.” I woke up with a little more resolve that I would face them and hang in there to the end. I woke up with a reminder that perseverance can pay off.  And I woke up with a smile on my face—thinking, hey Zac has friends at Standard Plumbing, maybe I will finally get my leaking toilet fixed (the one the last plumber gave up on!)

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5 Responses to The Thrill of Victory!

  1. Jessica Gregory says:

    Mommy, you’re right mooom sounds much better;) Ha ha. By the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about the BYU vs. UTAH game. This is much better:) I am so proud of my hoe handling pipe fixing bros. Sorry if that didn’t sound so good. You can erase this comment. But I just wanted to say, I love this post… and pic at the end too. Katelyn looks fabulous and that bbq food makes me want to buy a ticket home! Thanks for the post!

  2. colleendown says:

    Your comment is much better than my post–although I might have changed it to hoe handling, pipe smoking bros 🙂 (And THAT game was not a victory–it was a slaughter–aren’t you glad you are a Ute?)

  3. sullivanh says:

    Such a good analogy to life. Funny, I have been thinking along this vein all week. The most popular story in the NYtimes right now is “What if Failure is the Secret to Success” or something like that. I just read this to Drew. Hopefully the principle applies to spelling as well. Love you and my brothers!

  4. Cathy says:

    I love the post and the reminder to keep working at it! It is nice to have boys (now men!) to call upon…I did it today for a much smaller matter, but I was sure glad they were willing to solve the problem..(Jocelyn stuck something in the outlet and it stuck! The switch was off, so not a big deal, but I didn’t spend enough time at it, but the boys did!) Thanks for sharing!

    • Barbara Witzke says:

      loved your story–Grandpa and I are so proud of the boys and their stick-to-itivous (is that a real word?) Be sure to tell them how much we appreciate all they do for you. Thanks again for the little vacation at the cabin. Love, Mom

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